Relationships That Help You Maximize ROI

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Polaris Energy Services has forged partnerships with key players in the energy mitigation field in order to deliver the best possible return on investment, easiest implementation and most comprehensive reporting.

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Wexus Technologies: Energy Efficiency Software Platform for Agriculture. Energy bills can be confusing. Wexus puts growers in charge of their energy costs and usage by automatically tracking your energy data. Our mobile platform with recommendations, reports and alerts helps you stay on top of your energy costs in the office and in the field.

  • Save Money: Customers save an average of 10% off their annual energy bills. Automatically track, compare and help you choose the right utility rate plans for your business.
  • Save Time: Automatically break out your energy bills and usage data into actual ranches, buildings and irrigation pumps in the field. With the push of a button, you can export multiple utility accounts, rates and charges into one file, quickly incorporate energy costs into your operational reporting.
  • Reduce Risk: Using proprietary software tracking algorithms, help identify inefficient irrigation pumps in the field before they cause trouble and potentially fail or waste energy and water.