Who Can Participate In Demand Response?

PG&E and SCE Ultimately Determine Which Ag Operations Can Participate

Who Can Participate In Demand Response

Although most Ag customers served by PG&E and SCE are potential candidates, PG&E and SCE set the requirements for their Demand Response programs and ultimately determine who is eligible to participate. For the most part, programs are reserved for heavy users of electricity who have the ability to significantly reduce or shut down loads during peak demand events. By definition, this typically means that many Ag operations are eligible:

Polaris Energy Services has identified the key attributes of Ag operations that are most likely to meet PG&E and SCE requirements:

  • Utility Service Territory: Obviously, your Ag operation and service points must be served by PG&E and SCE to qualify for their Demand Response programs.
  • Load Shedding Potential: Candidates must have the ability to significantly reduce or completely shut down electric loads that would otherwise be running during peak demand events.
  • Minimum Loads: It’s most efficient for PG&E and SCE to pay for the reduction of large electric loads. That typically means a threshold of 200 kW in order to qualify for participation.
  • Smart Metering: PG&E and SCE require Interval Meters or Smart Meters to be installed at service points so they  can precisely measure the time and amount of electricity being used and then calculate baseline loads and Demand Response savings.
  • Minimum Communication Capabilities: Automated control systems requiring 2-way communications are often required so that response to the peak demand event can occur quickly. In addition, participants typically must have access to Internet/e-mail capability as well as telephone service for voice and/or text messages.

Request a Custom Analysis of your Ag operations from a Demand Response specialist at Polaris Energy Services who will help you:

  • Design a Demand Response program that is optimized for your operations
  • Quantify the amount of incentives and equipment for which you are eligible
  • Identify the areas of impact on your operations
  • Define parameters for opting out of specific Demand Response events

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