What Is Demand Response?

PG&E and SCE Incentive Programs for Reducing Electricity Use

Both PG&E and SCE sponsor Demand Response programs for Ag energy users. They are designed to reduce energy usage on the 7-15 days each year when demand for electricity exceeds the grid capacity: for example, on 100 degree days in July when everyone in California is running their air conditioners at maximum.

When this happens, PG&E and SCE will pay incentives to large electricity users – like Ag operations – to reduce their power use. It’s less expensive for PG&E and SCE to pay these incentives than to build a billion dollar plant that stands idle for 350 days a year and only kicks in a few days each year.

Not All Demand Response Programs Are Created Equal

Most Demand Response providers tend to focus on large industrial/commercial facilities or large office campuses/buildings. But Polaris Energy Services is different. We specialize in Demand Response programs for Ag operations.

We understand how the unique characteristics of Ag – for example, rotating crops, shifting surface water allotments, changing harvest/processing cycles, tree life spans, and Ag tariffs and rate schedules (to name just a few) – require specialized forecasting and careful system design to maximize incentives for:

  • Irrigation/ Water Pumping
  • Food Processing / Cold Storage
  • Water Treatment / Water Pumping
  • Other Ag

Polaris Energy Services has the experience and expertise to design, deploy and support an Ag Demand Response program that best addresses the precise needs of your unique situation...without disrupting operations. In fact, Polaris Energy Services offers the most extensive portfolio of equipment, mitigation control, and monitoring options for Ag operators.

Request a Custom Analysis of your Ag operations from a Demand Response specialist at Polaris Energy Services who will help you:

  • Design a Demand Response program that is optimized for your operations
  • Quantify the amount of incentives and equipment for which you are eligible
  • Identify the areas of impact on your operations
  • Define parameters for opting out of specific Demand Response events

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