Pump Efficiency

Incentives for Improving Efficiency of Large Irrigation Pumps.

Pump Efficiency. Almost all Ag operations can receive incentives for retrofitting pumps to improve pump efficiency, plus take advantage of free/no charge educational seminars and technical assistance programs.

ALERT! Due to the effects of the current drought, incentives have increased for Ag operations retrofitting pumps under the Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program (APEP):

  • 33% increase in incentive rate for pump retrofits — now $0.12/kWh instead of previous $0.09/kWh
  • Application for the retrofit incentive must be signed between 5/15/2014 and 12/31/2014
  • Enhanced incentives apply only to retrofit or repair of the pump bowl and/or impeller

This multi-level program is designed to get highly efficient pumping hardware into the field (and ensure that hardware is managed correctly) in order to address important resource management problems in California:

  • Energy conservation
  • Water conservation
  • Water quality
  • Air quality

Subsidized pump efficiency tests are available through participating Pump Test Companies. To determine your eligibility, please contact Polaris Energy Services.

Request a Custom Analysis of your Ag operations from a Demand Response specialist at Polaris Energy Services who will help you:

  • Design a Demand Response program that is optimized for your operations
  • Quantify the amount of incentives and equipment for which you are eligible
  • Identify the areas of impact on your operations
  • Define parameters for opting out of specific Demand Response events

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