Pump Control, Monitoring & Reporting

Polaris offers a complete hardware and software solution for remote pump monitoring and control to providers growers and operators with better execution of operational efficiency and water and energy management capabilities. At the heart of the solution is Polaris' Pump Automation Controller - PAC.  The PAC is an intelligent gateway that monitors and controls one or more pumps, stores schedules, integrates sensors of all kinds and communicates with users through Polaris' Network Operations Center (NOC). With a dedicated pump monitor it can shut down pumps when a malfunction or obstruction is detected and the PAC continues to operate even if connectivity is lost, completing the last program sent to it and notifying Polaris' engineers and users.  

The my.Polaris web and mobile app provides users with map, text, and graphical views of their pumps and operations and tools created 'by engineers for engineers' enable a high degree of visibility and control for each pump. Benefits of the Polaris system include:

  • Precise execution and monitoring of schedules to optimize crop yields and water deliveries
  • Energy cost savings by managing Time-of-Use, Market and Demand Response pricing and revenue opportunities
  • 24x7 pump protection and monitoring to detect problems that could lead to catastrophic failure or efficiency decline
  • Farm and area-wide visibility into irrigation and water delivery operations
  • Easy water and energy usage and cost reporting, exportable to other systems