WEBINAR: “New Irrigation Automation Incentives and Programs for 2021”

Join us and partners PG&E, Netafim and Wiseconn for the webinar: “New Irrigation Automation Incentives and Programs for 2021” at 10:00 am PT on Thursday, March 18, 2021.
In the wake of the August heat storm, California regulators are offering new, lucrative incentives and more flexible programs to automate irrigation, avoid higher costs under Time of Use rates and participate in demand flexibility programs. Polaris Energy Services – California’s Ag Energy leader with the most automation projects and energy programs under management – presents this informative 60-minute session that will cover:
  • New programs & incentives that regulators and utilities are planning to offer
  • How to balance Time-of-Use rates and demand response programs
  • How to use incentives to fund automation deployments
  • How to connect your planned or existing automation system to grid incentives
Register and you will receive a link to the recorded session to watch later (if desired).