Market Pricing

The economics and engineering of generating and delivering electricity are changing with the increase of distributed, renewable resources that displace centralized, fuel-consuming generators. These changes create challenges for managing the grid that are not easily solved by fixed tariffs that have a small number of pricing increments that are revised every few  years. Efficient markets with dynamic, variable pricing that enables all producers and consumers of electricity to participate on a daily or even hourly basis show great promise.

For agricultural energy users, new market structures will present challenges but also significant opportunities for those who can integrate energy pricing into irrigation scheduling decisions. Under a California Energy Commission (CEC) EPIC grant, Polaris has developed hardware, software and integrations with irrigation controls to enable Ag customers to take advantage of these markets and is currently paying incentives to a select group of customers to participate in a market pricing pilot.

These pilots are not available to all customers but contact us to express interest in future pilots.