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A Powerful Partner for Ag and Energy Solutions Providers

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Growers, processors and the water districts and agencies that serve them are facing significant challenges as they aim to feed 9 billion people by 2050--and their own families--this year!  

Several of those challenges are right at the heart of the so-called Water-Energy Nexus that Polaris' solutions address.

  • Water: Scarcity, drought, aquifer conditions and regulations require more attention than every to water efficiency and management.
  • Labor: Immigration issues, increasing minimum wages and flat-out laobor availability are making it harder and harder to operate without automating every operation possible.
  • Ag Tech: Growers are bombarded with offerings that address every aspect of farming but integrating technologies from multiple vendors, training users and paying for all of it make it hard to take advantage of all of the advances available.
  • Energy: While Ag is focused on its own challenges, the energy world is changing around them. Costs are increasing and new rate structures are imposed to help the grid absorb renewable resources. 

These challenges create opportunities for technology and service providers in the Ag and energy spaces but Ag solutions often lack an energy component and energy solutions are often developed for commercial and industrial segments without including Ag. This is where Polaris can help. We can provide the energy 'app' for irrigation control systems or a full control system for sensor and software vendors. Like all technology users, growers like to have all relevant information in one place. We happily provide the energy data and optimization via API to be integrated with comprehensive irrigation and farm management systems. We understand that crops come first, and so provide the reporting and operational capabilities you need to prioritize your crops. 

To help gain adoption, Polaris includes partners' hardware and software in automation projects that receive utility incentives, fully paying for or offsetting customers' costs to implement those technologies. These incentives are available for controls, sensors and software needed to determine or shift irrigation schedules. Partners can use the capabilities that they need:

  • Two-way Pump Monitoring & Control: Low-bandwidth optimized, proven IoT tailored for agricultural and water operations.
  • Energy Management:  Polaris' software connects growers with energy market incentives and revenue opportunities and helps them to manage pumping schedules to minimize pumping costs under a variety of market and utility tariff structures.