Demand Response for Agriculture Operations - Overview

Utilities Pay Ag Customers to Reduce Electricity Use

Demand Response programs are sponsored by PG&E and SCE and pay incentives to users with large electric loads who are willing to significantly reduce energy usage during peak events.

Ag operations in California that volunteer to reduce electricity use during short-term peak events -- when demand for electricity outpaces the available supply -- can earn lucrative cash incentives. Utilities offer Demand Response programs because it is less expensive for them to pay incentives a few days each year when demand is highest, instead of building a billion dollar power plant that sits idle 95% of the time.

Polaris Energy Services specializes in helping agriculture producers qualify and capitalize on Demand Response programs. Our customer segments include irrigators, water districts, food processors, cold storage facilities, dairies, wineries, vintners, and other Ag-focused operations.

Request a Custom Analysis of your Ag operations from a Demand Response specialist at Polaris Energy Services who will help you:

  • Design a Demand Response program that is optimized for your operations
  • Quantify the amount of incentives and equipment for which you are eligible
  • Identify the areas of impact on your operations
  • Define parameters for opting out of specific Demand Response events

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