Custom Incentives

Incentives for Retrofitting to Reduce Energy Use.

Custom Incentives. Ag operations can earn incentives for retrofitting equipment and lighting to increase energy efficiency and reduce electricity usage. Eligible projects include:

  • Interior/exterior lighting retrofits
  • Chiller replacements
  • Variable-Speed Drive installations
  • Reflective window film installation
  • Boiler replacements based on the annual kWh savings

In addition, these retrofit improvements are eligible for 0% interest loans. Use the savings from increased energy efficiency to fund loan repayments.

Request a Custom Analysis of your Ag operations from a Demand Response specialist at Polaris Energy Services who will help you:

  • Design a Demand Response program that is optimized for your operations
  • Quantify the amount of incentives and equipment for which you are eligible
  • Identify the areas of impact on your operations
  • Define parameters for opting out of specific Demand Response events

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